iheartapostates replied to your post: i was talking to my mom about feminist stuff and…

I know absolutely zero about either the books, author, or movies so I’m just going to trust it’s a bad thing…

lizbeth salander, feminist hero:

be written by dude! get raped! get raped again! use your rapey wiles to lure him in and rape him back! fuck this other dude! solve a crime!

the end

and the crowd goes wild and no one will fucking shut up about how amazing a female protagonist she is

  1. hallaheart said: that is seriously dahjfoudfhouhuadhfug my whole problem w that book
  2. iheartapostates said: Now the weird vibe I got from all the movie posters makes so much more sense. :| Write me condensed versions of everything I should avoid forever please, this was all I needed to know.
  3. missl0nelyhearts said: Omfg it’s not just me?!
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