Roadtrip AU in which everyone knows Derek sucks at taking pictures except accidentally he kinda doesn’t and also their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they have to wait for it to get repaired, because I need more practice with everything and to learn to put up more stuff?

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"do i eat another piece of pizza or drink another glass of wine or just keep not moving on my couch"

important hella party friday night decisions

Yes… It’s powerful… Very powerful…

see but here’s the thing

you can call me a human garbage can all you want, but ultimately what it comes down to is this:

i’m in fandom because i latch onto a concept, usually something romantic, and i make it my focus. i meet people through it, we all engage creatively, and it’s a wonderful phenomenon that i’ve enjoyed since, shit, like middle school. it’s my downtime and/or bored at work jam.

it needs to be said, loudly and emphatically, that i can’t do an otp in a universe i don’t enjoy. there’s nothing for me in a world that isn’t rich and vibrant and believable, that doesn’t value at the very least its characters, if not its storytelling and worldbuilding. the otp brings me into fandom, but the quality of its surroundings is what compels me to stay.

but at the same time, no matter how rich the rest of the world is and how important other relationships and characters may be, i can’t sustain without a baseline of respect for the thing that brought me here in the first place.

so yeah, when i get what i want? the rest of it is gonna mean so much more to me

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I can’t even right now

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arden_cho: Had so much fun shooting the finale. Late nights on set but we’re still cheeeesin! #teenwolf

arden_cho: Had so much fun shooting the finale. Late nights on set but we’re still cheeeesin! #teenwolf

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derek and stiles have been with scott since the beginning of this, have both been crucial to scott’s development as a werewolf and in his journey to becoming a true alpha. there have been hard times— really fucking hard— from derek’s posturing and power tripping in s1/s2 and stiles being possessed by the nogitsune in 3b, but they know scott better than anyone, understand scott better than anyone, and know that they would both do anything to keep scott safe

what just happened was one of the hardest scenes i’ve had to watch in teen wolf, because the choice came down to saving derek or scott, in a position where neither of them deserves to die or SHOULD die, and derek made that choice for stiles, immediately.

it’s the perfect scene for them to share, and it broke my fucking heart.

suP guyS5 haHa ;p


i’m responsible

i have finances

i make money

i have an accountant named barb

i just enjoy living in abandoned warehouses and train depots

because money can buy you nice pretty things

but it can’t undead your dead family

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