Apologies for the quality, my computer shit the bed last night so I’m stuck with paper and pencil

Also not drawn but I refuse to believe that Scott and Stiles didn’t slow motion fliff the money into the air like they were in a rap video for at least a LITTLE bit

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So beautiful…I can’t even



If Parrish dies I’m quitting life.

spoken like any college grad with debt


Malia does NOT need your permission

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silence of the liams



things that are important to me: derek hale hiding in a boy’s locker room, waiting, thinking “ok scott says this kid has anger issues, how do i bring that out? maybe i should steal his stick. would that make him mad? i’m gonna steal his stick, then i’m gonna hide his stick, steal another stick, and break that stick to make him think i broke his stick” nodding to himself, thinking “ok, then how do i make my entrance” and deciding that he’s going to drag the stolen lacrosse stick that he’s pretending is liam’s across the metal caging around the lockers to make a creepy noise AND THEN, still waiting for liam to come in, derek thinking “okay i know how i’m gonna make him mad and i know how i’m gonna make my entrance but what’s the first thing i say to him” and he blanks, he totally doesn’t know, holy fuck holy fuck liam’s coming in, there he is, TIME FOR DEREK’S ENTRANCE AND HE STILL DOESN’T KNOW—- “is this yours?” he asks.

fucking nailed it, derek.

Rejected pieces aren’t failure; unwritten pieces are.

— Greg Daugherty 

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Be a vixen.

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devengreves asked: A dead pool is guessing who's gonna die next - rather than price, numbers might mean how many bet on that character. Probably this dead pool's rigged so that benefactor puts out a hit on whoever s/he bids on. Longest odds/least bidders mean more $?




CRYING AT MY OWN IGNORANCE but THANK YOU because this is so useful. 

So Derek’s odds are probably 15 to 1 and Scotts are probably 25 to 1.  So if you off Scott next you make more money but that’s also probably not gonna happen? 

Um I am enlightened. I hope you don’t mind if I post this because I drink a lot of wine when I watch this show so I don’t put 2 and 2 together so well always. Probably some other people are in my boat.

THANKS for this ask. <3 <3 <3 

important things i don’t understand because i am so ignorant of vices

but a bit of research tells me that it’s a matter of odds in reverse. people put odds on the new-name people dying first. the mute likely went after derek because fewest people bet on his death and thus if he bet on derek he’d clean up.

(i think?)

either way this makes this plotline even more fascinating

So that’d mean that Carrie Hudson is probably the girl we saw in the preview, the one deemed most likely to die? Except that wouldn’t be very lucrative.

Tronion, help once you’ve watched the episode.

It’s kind of nice if everyone thinks Derek’s a survivor?

unless the list we saw was a list only the Mute had access to via his weird techie shit, and the other contract killers are flying blind. perhaps they’re all playing the death pool but the Mute saw the rig?

in which case it’d make sense that he’d go after derek. i think. i dont math lbh